Beer – Art in a glass?

beer-southportIt’s not a hobby health professionals would recommend, but for some, beer tasting is as much an art as wine tasting. Whereas the wine connoisseur is revered and has an edge of snobbery to it, beer is just as technical and even though some may sneer upon it, this traditional working class drink, has some very interesting facets to it.

Lately, I was reliably told by a beer-master at my local Tap & Bottle outlet in #Southport, that beer is discerned easier by women due to differences in taste-buds to their male counterpart.  Upon hearing this wonderful piece of news (which I see now as a personal duty as a woman to taste as many beers as possible for arts sake of course) what other interesting facts about this alcoholic beverage are there?

    1.  1.  An American study found in the Journal of Epidemiology suggested that just consuming one bottle of beer a day can reduce the risk of kidney stones by a whopping 40%.  Researchers reckon that beer possibly dates back to 9500 BC and is one of the oldest beverages and the personal tipple of the early Neolithic man. If you have a strong disposition, the strongest beer in the world is Brewmeisters Snake Venom. While an average beer consists of about 5% ABV, Snake Venom, is a massive 67.5%.
    2.  Just as wine comes at different prices, beer is no different. A bottle of Vielle Bon Secours will set you back about $1000 making it the most expensive beer in the world.
    3.  The ancient Babylonians took their beer very seriously. Anyone who brewed a bad batch of it would be drowned.
    4.  When consumed, it has been found that the silicon in beer actually increases calcium and mineral in the body, strengthening bone tissue.
    5.  Women were the very first professional brewers of beers. Only the very beautiful ones were allowed to become brewsters.
    6.  Are you ever terrified when you come to the end of your pint of beer and look in horror at your empty glass? You could be suffering from Cenosillicaphobia the fear of an empty glass.
    7.  There are about 400 different types of beer in the world today Belgium being the originator of the most beer brands.
    8. If you want to know how to rate the quality of a pint, check out its head. That foamy topping consists of a carbon-dioxide reaction. If it ain’t got a head, it means your beer is flat and most probably very bland to the taste.
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